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2 years ago

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Like some other stories I have, I've read here, ma woman comes to the straw straight men first floozytube occurred when I went to the ladies room next to a gentleman, was a hole in the wall, not realize that it was in the gentlemen. until the day i, d never a hard cock. The guy who saw me come in and pull my panties down cos the toilet before the wall, have also seen my butt looks. I floozytube had no idea such things, that through the hole why we have floozytube no idea. There was a guy standing there watching, I could only half of what I could not see the clothes. Now I know it was straw did not know at the time, I had never seen a man masturbating. I can take my eyes could not see through the hole, I did not even know I have not seen, but could not stop. Suddenly I felt my fanny go all funny, yes id fingers of me on the bed did not know, then shake it meant he did not know, everybody has it and I definitely had no idea what men did, as I was innocent anyway, when II watched these guys hand moves up and down his cock and watched the IT manager to enter and leave the foreskin I have the same feeling that I was rubbing on my bed and although id, I just dry it was all wet again. After the first time I saw a guy out at first was merely a straw slowly, I did not know, but he knew I was just him. It's funny, but at first did not notice his balls was just his cock, it was only when he began to pull with the other hand, it's funny, what I thought was the first time in a toilet in my fingers I my pussy and started rubbing me, it looked very good. That probably could hear me breathing hard. Suddenly his hand started getting faster, he had his balls and let them just go up and down, like the skin of his penis slid up and down on the head, larger and had a dark pink color, probably by friction as much as anything else. floozytube I could see the headget brighter and brighter than I do now, it was his pre-cum. I had no idea what would happen, I 'm sure I missed the first shot of their sperm, at first I did not even know what it was, I could only see white liquid jet hole in the half of the head, several episodes were floozytube in the air, clung to shake the white liquid running down your fingers, not to mention my ID come but would like to be able floozytube to do what you just did. I saw his cock to soften the hand and then saw him draw with your finger over the past squeesing their sperm and leave in the ground. floozytube drip i realized it was fast and deep. I remember to breathe clean his cock smiled with toilet paper, which had gone completely soft now, but floozytube still looked very nice, I like to have one of mine to play. He slowly pants and took a little time making his penis and testicles in them, put on his pants and left. I remember looking at my watch, theThis lasted only about 15 minutes, but it seemed much longer id, I have no idea how many times I floozytube get discouraged, but I know that when I was in my bed that night I was sore when masturbating to sleep again and again to see its Semen spurted from his cock. I've taken a lot of possibilities, because the first floozytube time, only men masturbate to see, in most addicted to it, come the cocks I've seen of all sizes, men masturbating each other, the men suck, men wearing women's underwear masturbating themselves and others, I love it, as I said at the time I like to have one of my own id, masturbates like shit, as in this letter, as I am sure that most men do when to tell their stories here are likely to come from everywhere.
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